Working Weekends for the Fun of It

O.K. maybe we’re not working every weekend for the fun of it, but there’s no doubt that retail and weekends go hand in hand. For many store owners and retail associates a work schedule that falls on the weekends is the norm.

Besides the obvious – that you are working in a store that sells great product and has fabulous customers and a superior team – there are some fun ways to help lift the moods of employees who are working weekends in retail stores. Consider implementing some fun treats ideas that will create a more exciting work environment.

Saturdays and Sundays are busy for retailers, so employees can expect shorter lunch breaks, tired feet, long days and little down time. This may be good for your cash register, but it can leave employees – and yourself – tired and not as smiley as you’d like to be.

Implementing a tradition of fun and simple employee perks can be a good way to help the day go by. Consider having pizza delivered for lunch, or introduce a potluck-style lunch where everyone brings something. You can get creative – one week it can be Mexican food, another week sandwiches and chips. Food doesn’t need to be the perk (although most of us love it!).  Consider other options that can lift moods. Have a contest to jumpstart sales, increase employee motivation and generate a little fun. Surprise employees with a a quick coffee run to your favorite local coffee shop (on the store, of course), or give them a pair of movie tickets for a job well done. Even writing a simple thank you note to an employee that acknowledges their efforts is a great thing to do. The ideas can be simple – employee appreciation goes a long way. Make sure to take it up a notch every now and again to keep spirits high and the job fun!

What kinds of things do you do in your store to add a little extra smile?