Pack Rat’s Window Displays + Kelsie’s Feedback

A few weeks ago we posted merchandising expert Kelsie Morrow’s presentation on window displays that she gave at the Winter 2013 Outdoor Retailer show.  We invited you to send photos of your own retail displays… and you did!  Here are one store’s displays, along with Kelsie’s comments about what was done well and where there are future opportunities for excellence.

From Pack Rat Outdoor Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas here are two different displays:

Window Display #1

Kelsie’s comments:

Positive Features

  • I love how they stuck to a theme and used merchandise to support it!
  • The bold colors they used can be seen from far away.
  • The lighting is great with the white background.
  • I like the lack of clutter.

Forward opportunities

  • Make sure to steam out the wrinkles in the background.  Lighting can pick these up and “weaken” the display.
  • Add even more layers to the theme, for example: use gold as a second color pop with gold coins and clothing that can layer under the green jackets if possible.  Another example: cut out more four-leaf clovers and use them against the glass to create a border around the edges for more depth.

Window Display #2

Good merchandising tricks

  • Great job promoting the brand messages by combining hard goods with soft goods and matching color themes.
  • The bright colors are sure to get noticed and they make you think of warm days and fun times.
  • The white background really helps items pop.

More tips

  • Enhance the theme with a whole bunch of life-vests (different colors and sizes or all exactly the same) that cover the ground or hang from the ceiling or are strapped together as a background.
  • Add more texture to the display by using the wood box crates to hold stacks of neatly folded, colorful tees inside.  You could also place a cooler full of colorful sodas in the display and stack hats with the same Hawaiian print that the child is wearing.

Good work Pack Rat!  We look forward to seeing more of your great displays.

Do you have a window display you’d like Kelsie’s feedback on?  Send photos of it to hferguson at hornytoad dot com.