Visual Merchandising for Food and Fashion

Rock Creek Visual MerchandisingIf you’re taking the time and effort to have an in-store event, make sure all the details and messaging are consistent. In our experience, to make a strong event, remember that every store experience touches your customer. The appearance of your store reinforces your messaging and creates excitement around your products. Build your merchandising around the concept of the event and your “buzz” will be much stronger for it. Consumers want to be inspired and excited.

A good example of successful visual merchandising built around an event is the Fashion Fundraiser benefit we did for the Chattanooga Food Bank. Our goal was to raise awareness about the importance of giving back to the community by highlighting two fashion-oriented brands whose values center around community-mindedness and sustainability.

The event focused on a food-drive with a fashion show. Customers who tried on Horny Toad and Nau clothes got to let loose like fashion models on the runway in front of our in-store studio camera. The goal was to create awareness around the brands’ versatility and stylishness.

The entryway was merchandised with certain elements that are key to a good visual display:Rock Creek Store Entryway

  • Color; this ‘pop’ automatically draws the consumer’s eye toward the display.
  • Multiples of one style and color are used to create depth.

Rock Creek Table Merchandising with Multiples

  • Layers show versatility.
  • Accessories, like boots, scarves and jewelry, always pull together polished, complete looks and help convey the brand’s lifestyle messaging.

— Mark McKnight, eCommerce & Marketing Director, Rock Creek