Toad&Co Shop-in-Shop: Backwoods Austin,Texas

We are so excited at Toad&Co with the results of our Shop-in-Shop installation at Backwoods in Austin, Texas.  We worked hard to bring our new Spring collection of Life+Style and Modern Travel clothing to life and we want to share the results.  We hope this inspires your merchandising on the sales floor!

wide shot

We had our Ambassador from Backwoods, Erica Cicero search high and low for vintage props that defined our Spring Collection.  We provided her with pictures of example props to begin the search.


The two big items we were looking for was a vintage picnic table for Life+Style and a vintage car bench seat for Modern Travel.  Erica did an outstanding job searching craigslist, eBay, junk yards and vintage shops.  If you have an idea for your store for a larger prop, just keep searching online sites like these daily and you can usually find something well within your budget.

Entry table

We had these pipe fixtures built with a little twist on the usual design by adding the shelves that clamp onto the sides for accessories and the reclaimed wood base.  The base is great at hiding the wheels and adding rustic charm!

Rolling Rack

We custom designed the wall bays, opting for one long shelf fitted with piping to match the pipe rolling bars.  We were fortunate to have someone who worked for Backwoods who was able to build this for us.  We were pleasantly surprised at his handy work on the car bench seat below.  Check it out!

Wall Bay

Using reclaimed wood from a shipping pallet Andy built the base for this car bench seat!

MT Mens

Using props that fit the story has always been important to Toad&Co.  I like having a collection of ‘Spring’ props and ‘Fall’ props to aid in the seasonal transitions.  Suitcases and crates (wood or metal) are also some of the best items to invest in for your store and easy to find online.  Last touch – get a few medium sized plants (my personal favorite spot is Home Depot).   Remember that you are selling items meant for outside so it’s nice to bring that life indoors!

Enjoy this new season and keep on looking for inspiration!

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