Time to Look Ahead

It’s time to look ahead this new year.  More specifically, it’s time to look to your headers…

If you have headers above your bays in your store, then you know how easy it is to neglect them.  Often it’s the last thing you have time to merchandise and thus ends up looking dusty and faded.  The point of having a header is to direct traffic from far away.  It’s a visual cue and very important to finishing the look of your retail merchandising.

While doing my 2013 Christmas shopping, I saw some really good header displays.  Also, our store in Freeport Maine recently remodeled their headers, inspiring me with some great and easy ideas.

Repetition or grouping similar items actually helps them stand out:

These t-shirts from H&M are fairly boring on their own, but displayed like this I want to buy one.

These headers are so easy to change and update. Adding a cuff to the arm and a knot to the shirt adds style to a simple buttondown.

And here’s a more playful approach:  J.Crew recently had bull’s eyes made from cardboard for the women’s side and these spray painted blue images on the men’s.  Use ideas from craft books for your headers and you’ll add a bit of art to your store.


Change the background:  If you have boring white walls above your headers, adding some reclaimed wood, paint, wallpaper or large pictures helps the items placed up there to stand out.  The reclaimed wood used by our Horny Toad store in Freeport, Maine really helps colors pop.


If you see some great header displays or create some of your own, please send them in!

– via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager at Horny Toad Clothing  kmorrow@hornytoad.com

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