The Writing Is On The Wall

Visual merchandising is the art of presenting product in a retail setting with the purpose of increasing store traffic and sales. Communicating what is unique and different about the product and telling a story about it will increase your sales.  A super simple way to tell a story or give your consumer a specific message is to go old school – use a chalkboard. Buy a chalkboard or, better yet use chalkboard paint to create a large blackboard wall.

You can use a chalkboard to do the following:

1. Give your consumers a message.

2. Create a story or theme.

3. Give them tips on how or where to use the product.

4. Tell them about upcoming events or promotions. Create a calendar and populate it with timely tips for consumers to consider, such as”family camping trip must-have list” or “Whose birthday do I need to buy for this month?”What better way to promote products listed on your In-Store Events calendar?

Get your story or message out there and make sure to have some fun with it!