The Merch Savvy of Landsharks

Landsharks in Saugatuck, Michigan has got merchandizing dialed.  Check out these four great tips they’ve generously shared with us.









1. At Landsharks all of our 4-ways racks are layered with at least three items. We merchandise our 4-ways based on color stories rather than by brand. This prompts customers to buy more than one item.










2. Sally found these produce crates at a craft store – we mounted them on a brick wall in our shoe section and use them for displaying shoes.










3. Sally found a cool old branch on a hike and had Ken repurpose it into this sweet jewelry display. We use it on the floor and in our window to show bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories.










4. Our store is broken up into two rooms – clothing and footwear. Each has a separate entrance. We make sure our displays on each side feature shoes and clothing so that guests are drawn to both sections of the store.