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It’s Elementary

As I was shopping the other day, I saw Free People’s logo and remembered making something like this in elementary school.  The crafts we did as children are not only easy (I mean, they are for kids), but they are also great resources for your displays all year long.  All it takes is a simple […]

Store Inspiration: Rock/Creek Outfitters

I recently took a trip to see Rock/Creek Outfitters new shop at what is known as The Block in Chattanooga Tennessee. What is The Block? An amazing reuse of an old theater turned urban climbing gym with a massive climbing wall on the outside of the building. Definitely a perfect location for an outdoor store […]

Great Merchandising at Outdoor Retailer

Via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager at Horny Toad Clothing If you missed the Outdoor Retail Show this year (or didn’t take any pictures of clever ideas while you were busy buying), here are some highlights from our booth and others. At Horny Toad this Winter we pushed the envelope with a bigger booth, dedicating a […]

Time to Look Ahead

It’s time to look ahead this new year.  More specifically, it’s time to look to your headers… If you have headers above your bays in your store, then you know how easy it is to neglect them.  Often it’s the last thing you have time to merchandise and thus ends up looking dusty and faded.  […]

Inspired by Nature Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted about a photo that motivated me to create a fall window display at the Lizard Lounge.  As promised, here are the results. As well, I’ve included photos from a fantastic display created by Footloose and Fancy’s lead merchandiser, Haleigh Riggle, that was also inspired by this post. My inspiration picture: […]

Make It Personal

Black Friday has become a very competitive day for buyers to get the best deals.  I know how difficult it can be for a specialty retail store to compete with the malls, chain stores, and online offers that are out there. BUT I believe the advantage specialty retail has are the personal relationships you develop with your […]