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Store Inspiration: Rock/Creek Outfitters

I recently took a trip to see Rock/Creek Outfitters new shop at what is known as The Block in Chattanooga Tennessee. What is The Block? An amazing reuse of an old theater turned urban climbing gym with a massive climbing wall on the outside of the building. Definitely a perfect location for an outdoor store […]

Time to Look Ahead

It’s time to look ahead this new year.  More specifically, it’s time to look to your headers… If you have headers above your bays in your store, then you know how easy it is to neglect them.  Often it’s the last thing you have time to merchandise and thus ends up looking dusty and faded.  […]

Merchandising the Perfect Gift

Don’t you love giving and getting accessories?  Usually they’re the things I won’t buy for myself, but love when I get  from someone else. Accessories are the popular gifts that need merchandising attention during this season. When I was the buyer for Lizard Lounge I appreciated the fact that accessories could be reordered with a […]

Make It Personal

Black Friday has become a very competitive day for buyers to get the best deals.  I know how difficult it can be for a specialty retail store to compete with the malls, chain stores, and online offers that are out there. BUT I believe the advantage specialty retail has are the personal relationships you develop with your […]

Inspired By Nature

Horny Toad Clothing just wrapped up its Fall ’14 sales meeting where many of the elements that brought the seasonal story to life came from nature.  Sometimes creating a display is as easy as going on a hike and collecting leaves – or, as our director of design did, trimming the bows off a pine […]

Reinventing Tradition

This year I’m interested in ways retailers create a traditional holiday scene without using traditional objects. These creative Christmas trees are so fun to look at and really capture the imagination. As a shopper, I would be more likely to stop and take a closer look at the inventive “trees” pictured here versus a regular […]