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Nevermind the Weather

The first day of Spring is March 20th but after looking at the national weather report today, all I could see was snow and rain.  Since you ordered Spring/Summer product six months ago without knowing what the weather would be like now, it’s officially time to put some hard work into your displays to attract attention.  […]

Time to Look Ahead

It’s time to look ahead this new year.  More specifically, it’s time to look to your headers… If you have headers above your bays in your store, then you know how easy it is to neglect them.  Often it’s the last thing you have time to merchandise and thus ends up looking dusty and faded.  […]

Inspired by Nature Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted about a photo that motivated me to create a fall window display at the Lizard Lounge.  As promised, here are the results. As well, I’ve included photos from a fantastic display created by Footloose and Fancy’s lead merchandiser, Haleigh Riggle, that was also inspired by this post. My inspiration picture: […]

Hook and Hanger

This time of year seems to use up all available merchandising space with heavy jackets, thick sweaters and extra Fall categories which take up additional room on your sales floor.  Here are some interesting merchandising solutions I found. A long time ago we did a Horny Toad  trade show booth where we hung chairs on […]

Reinventing Tradition

This year I’m interested in ways retailers create a traditional holiday scene without using traditional objects. These creative Christmas trees are so fun to look at and really capture the imagination. As a shopper, I would be more likely to stop and take a closer look at the inventive “trees” pictured here versus a regular […]

Holiday Roots

Can’t believe it’s time to start planning for holiday displays!  This time-lapse video from Roots shows how they transformed their flagship store for the holidays last year and is also a great way to get motivated for your own holiday merchandising.  I especially love the window installation and how they built a Christmas tree  out of […]