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Show Them the Ropes

Inspired by a recent trip to the coast, merchandizing guru Kelsie Morrow pulled together the beachy colors she came across in these wharf ropes for a new summer display at the Lizard Lounge. She paid $20 for the turquoise rope and green net. And she asked around and found someone with surfboards she could borrow.  […]

Pack Rat’s Window Displays + Kelsie’s Feedback

A few weeks ago we posted merchandising expert Kelsie Morrow’s presentation on window displays that she gave at the Winter 2013 Outdoor Retailer show.  We invited you to send photos of your own retail displays… and you did!  Here are one store’s displays, along with Kelsie’s comments about what was done well and where there […]

Inspired by Nature

The Mountain Store in Crested Butte, Colorado uses nature-inspired displays to keep their merchandizing fresh and region-specfic. These images are from their Fall display, but the message is timeless: Simple cues from nature work beautifully to keep your store looking great.     A new season is coming! Can you think of relevant adaptations of […]

The Power of Manny

When it comes to merchandizing, one should never underestimate the power of the well-utilized mannequin. Here are two examples of Kelsie Morrow’s effective use of mannequins at The Lizard Lounge in Portland, Oregon. Removing distracting items like price tags from your display mannequins makes a huge difference.                 […]