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Local FryDay

Pack & Paddle – Local Fryday from Jason Cohen on Vimeo. Louisiana specialty retailer Pack & Paddle wanted to celebrate living local.  Local music, local artists, local food, local beer, local shopping.  Enter their event, Local FryDay.  In the words of Pack & Paddle’s owner John Williams:  “It gave our community a chance to meet […]

About Lounging

The lounge space at Horny Toad & Nau Outlet Store in Freeport, Maine is a comfortable place for people to rest their feet. It has a TV and satellite subscription and an old Mac to give kids hours of online computer games (with firewalls to protect access to email and private sites).  They brought in […]

Work is Awesome!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your employees say, “Work is awesome!”? Even if they don’t use those exact words, you do want happy employees who enjoy what they do. The “above and beyond” customer service a retail store needs to deliver in order to be successful should begin with happy employees. Retailers that develop […]