Store Inspiration: Rock/Creek Outfitters

I recently took a trip to see Rock/Creek Outfitters new shop at what is known as The Block in Chattanooga Tennessee. What is The Block? An amazing reuse of an old theater turned urban climbing gym with a massive climbing wall on the outside of the building. Definitely a perfect location for an outdoor store to be neighbors with.

the block

While visiting with Rock/Creek I saw not only some great merchandising happening, but inspiring craftsmanship and resourcefulness. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from their store.



Josh Legg head of merchandising for Rock/Creek built some cool display units that are also mobile and work great as a window display background.



Reclaimed wood made up their gorgeous new register.


My favorite idea from this trip (that is so simple and brilliant) was the reuse of hangers, which Josh took a sander too and distressed to make uniform. If you have some old hangers or miss-matched sets, by distressing them and removing old logos they can be used throughout the store and look great.


Here are some more simple hanger make-overs!

color hanges

When wrapping plastic hangers in scraps of fabric use a tiny bit of hot glue to make sure the fabric doesn’t move around or get loose.

wrapped hangers

Having a fabric cover over your hangers is so great for items that slip off easily.

fabric hangers

If you have any merchandising DIY ideas please send them to

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