Stay Frosty

The Alpine Shop in Burlington, VT is known for being one of the region’s great winter sports outfitters.  We spoke to Julie Duverne Claude, their French window stylist, about several of the displays she’s created in the past year.  This is what she said:


“When I did this window, I was working in hard goods with a team of men. I imagined their world and I thought of The Alpine Shop’s customers. That is the reason why I chose to do the ski robot.  I found the posters in the basement with the free ride pictures and the eyes. The first thing that that happens when you enter a store is eye contact!  I wanted to do something different to catch people’s eyes and it had to be attractive. What a pleasure to immerse myself in this aesthetic universe —  I wanted the customers to feel like they had entered a dream.”



“We are lucky to have a Burton headquarters located here in Burlington so I created the window with our New England Burton rep, Matt Jagemann. We had the really creative idea of using a hanging pant mannequin upside down to look like a snowboarder doing a head plant.”


“I didn’t know very much about the Canadian brand Orage. Then I read their story and I discovered it was started by a woman who had begun with nothing.  When our Orage rep brought me a huge banner I realized I should do something very minimalist in keeping with the style of the collection.”


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