Specialty Retail Collective blog (SRC)

It all started three years ago when we wanted a retail space that would allow us to test our product, merchandising and marketing ideas. With that goal in mind, we opened our retail store (a retail laboratory if you will!), the Lizard Lounge in Portland, OR.

The success of Lizard Lounge drew interest and inquiries from other retail owners. And being the social toads that we are here at Horny Toad and our Family of Brands (Nau and Lizard Lounge) we thought it would be interesting to share what we have experienced and learned. So a year ago we partnered with our friends at SNEWS and created the Lizard Lounge Way, a regular merchandise column with an inside looks at our merchandise laboratory.

Well, like all things, the column is now evolving. Partnering with our friends at Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and SNEWS we are turning the column into the Specialty Retail Collective blog (SRC).

This blog was created as an open and shared digital environment where information will be derived from a collective of retailers and industry and professional experts. As a collective, we will share ideas and learning’s and strive to inspire and create the best possible retail experience while supporting a sustainable business model in the ever changing world of retail. As we all know… nothing ever stays the same in retail except, of course, change.

Why? Well, blogs will offer key insights, ideas and inspiration and guidance for the day-to day retail business. Retail is always in transition and we see it as our job to stay ahead of the curve and help each other plan for it. In addition to offering educational and inspirational blogs around visual merchandising, sales and marketing ideas, SRC is dedicated to linking retailers together through our RETAIL SPOTLIGHT section. The blog by SRC aims to become a destination site for retailers and professionals looking to learn and share about the world of independent retail.

The Specialty Retail Collective will be a go-to source of information for:

· Specialty retail owners
· Managers
· Buyers
· Merchandisers
· Visual merchandisers

As Uncle Sam might say, “We want you!” We aren’t looking to talk to ourselves with this blog; rather we are looking for engagement and participation from retail professionals like you.  The goal is to connect retailers, managers, buyers, merchandisers and anyone else interested in specialty retail so that we all can discuss common challenges, form solutions and then turn those solutions into actions. Most importantly, we want to create a forum where retail professionals can learn from each other. Don’t be shy… the open door policy can help us all be better business people. If you have a question, chances are there is someone else out there that is also curious or better yet – someone who might be able to help answer the questions because they have already experienced something similar. If you have something to share than we can all learn from – we want to hear it! Lets make SRC the go-to source for sharing about our specialty retail businesses.     – by Gordon Seabury