Simply Inspired Sunflowers

Sometimes we really want something simple, easy and visually inspired to support our merchandising stories but find ourselves out of cost-effective ideas. We think this sunflower is fresh-looking – and it’s super easy to make from recycled paper or old posters

A Quick How-to:

  • Cut your old paper/posters into A3 size.
  • Roll each piece to make a lot of cones (think ice cream cone shape).
  • For a big flower make about 50 of these cones.
  • After you have created about 50 cones, arrange them on any flat surface. The opening should be facing upward just like the image below. Fasten the cones with hot glue or tape. Repeat the process for the second, third, fourth and fifth by reducing the number of cones for each layer. Don’t forget to stick each layer and each cone.
  • If you have a color theme you can always spray paint the flower.

To Make Big Flowers:
Create round balls out of chicken wire, then roll paper into cones and stick the cones into the chicken wire holes (instead of gluing the paper cones together). You can attach metal poles or stakes as stems.
What simple, cost-effective visual merchandising ideas can you share?