Well it isn’t such a huge secret if you know me, but I’m obsessed with shopping at Goodwill.  Often I’m asked where I find so many great vintage props.  I stop into Goodwill about once a week and I find treasures just about every time I go.

My last trip I lucked out by finding all these paper umbrellas for only $7.99 each (they were $10.99 and I asked for a group discount).

buying umbrellas

I’m sure you pass a Salvation Army or Goodwill all the time and haven’t thought of shopping for props for your store, but you should try it!

Here are some tips:

1)      Go down ALL the aisles.  I found the umbrellas with the tools.

2)      Check the furniture section for old trunks or furniture that just needs a coat of paint or stain.

3)      I always find old hardbound books and cool frames that are great for merchandising.

4)      Check out the kids area for vintage games.

5)      Ask for a discount-anytime you shop vintage.

hanging umbrellas

The Lizard Lounge hung these umbrellas in their entry to create a very beautiful summer display.


The great thing about these props is that you can sell them for more than you purchased when the cost is so low. Customers often want to purchase these items for their own home and this allows us to keep interesting new props rotating throughout the store.

final view

Happy Prop Shopping!

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