Put Your Windows to Work

Feel like your windows are plain and boring? Have large windows that are hard to fill or windows that don’t get any attention? Maybe you should consider looking into window graphics. They aren’t just for your store name and hours anymore.  The windows you’re about to see show creative ways to reach out to your customer and make them pay attention to you.

‘Made You Look’ Window

Although these next two windows express complete opposite statements, you can’t resist looking inside. Curiosity really does kill the cat.

don't look image


look window


Express Yourself

Very simply describe everything you can offer your customers.  Cool fonts help as well.

description of store window


description of store window 2


Stop and Smile Window

Using a well-selected quote like this one shoots straight to the heart and emotionally connects the dots between cooking and shopping in this store.

stop and smile window 2


How clever to take a window and make it so much more.  Although we don’t know what the name of the place is or what they are doing, we all would probably stop, point and look inside.

stop and smile window


‘Hey You … Yeah You’ Window

This graphic tells you exactly who should shop here without any mannequins or product.  Think of it as another silent sales person.

customer focused window


Social Media Window

Shamelessly create a selfie opportunity like Hugo Boss did with this marketing campaign. What a clever and fun idea to have customers use your window to take pictures (and post your store on social media for free).

social media window


If you’re out and about and see a window graphic that makes you interested in going into the store then take a picture and send it to us! kmorrow@hornytoad.com

Happy Window Shopping everyone!

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