I recently road tested the Pareo on my vacation in Mexico and little did I know this was more than a wraparound skirt.

I used this all day every day on my trip and have to say it was probably the best item I have ever packed.

pareo purse

Since we packed light I wore this on the airplane to Mexico as a scarf.  We brought our 7 month old baby along and this transitioned as a great blanket for her on the airplane.

pareo scarf

Here I am finally in the sunshine in Mexico.

pareo kelsie

As you can see I’m super pale and it was pretty sunny out.  For the little one and I this was great to use as shade.  Not only that, but the fabric stayed cool in the sun and dried fast when I washed it.

pareo 1

I regularly used this as a swimsuit cover up and skirt, but also as a towel-shown here by Elanore (who is a much better model).  I have to mention that the many colors in this fabric happened to match several items I packed, making outfits easy!

hidden pocket

Our designers are very thoughtful about hidden pockets and this has a perfect little pocket large enough for a credit card or a few pesos.

In store the merchandising opportunities are best shown on mannequins.   Here are my favorite merchandising styles!

pareo with army jacket shoulder wrap

knots wrap around neck

rosette pareo

If you don’t have mannequins I like to make little “roses” with the scarfs.  Twist them up, wrap around your hand and secure the end through the center.

folded pareo

When I look back at the pictures of my vacation the Pareo is in 90% of them.  Obviously I love this item and hope that sharing this with you inspires you to road test some new Toad&Co pieces for yourself.



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