More displays, more great feedback from Kelsie

Our last post featured merchandising expert Kelsie Morrow’s comments about what was done well and where there are future opportunities for excellence in two of Pack Rat Outdoor Center’s recent window displays.

The same Fayetteville, Arkansas specialty retailer sent us another photo of two of their holiday window display for Kelsie’s review.  Additionally, we got a great display from Out There Outfitters in Wayne, PA for the second display.

Display #1 (from Pack Rat Outdoor)

Positive features
-White background makes the objects pop.
-It’s truly funny and shows a great sense of humor.
-It’s clever that they put their name on the candy.

Forward opportunities
-Use some waterproof jackets in red and orange on mannequins and hang Hershey Kisses like they are raindrops.


Display #2 (from Out There Outfitters)

Positive features
-What could potentially look like organized clutter is actually interesting and enticing
-Their sign makes good use of marketing and it’s in white so we can see it from far away and at night.
-The display tells a story and the colors for all the gifts are merchandised well.

Forward opportunities
-No pointers!  These guys rocked it!