Outdoor Retail merchandising trends to take to your sales floor

Another great show in Salt Lake City this year for Outdoor Retail!  As I walked around I saw several merchandising trends pop up. Not only our booth, but several others had great ideas you can take to your sales floor to highlight product and create interesting displays.


Several booths were highlighting product using a shadow or display box.  Whatever the scale or material used, all of them served their purpose: highlighting specific product and making it special.

shadow 3

At Toad&Co. we were inspired by our sweater offerings and the beautiful colors and patterns our design team came up with.  By framing each piece it’s like you’re viewing a museum gallery wall.  This would make a traffic stopping window display or work well for a shoe display.

filson 2

filson 1

Filson also used a shadow box to highlight vintage heritage pieces.  Adding branding to the glass makes a great story telling piece for your employees.

photo 4 (12)

snow 6

giga power

Snow Peak took a modern approach with their shadow boxes.  By highlighting one item and repeating it they turned fuel canisters into an art installation.  The hidden lighting done inside the box was beautifully executed!


Olukai featured a capsule collection of footwear at the new Venture Out zone.  These wood crates are easy to source and stack in your store or hang on a wall.  Instant shadow box!


wood stack

filson cord of wood

Our design director (the lovely Kate Larramendy) had several pictures of stacked cords of wood throughout her design inspiration.  This is a great solution for covering a tired wall, filling dark corners and stacking high to the sky in your window.


Two booths created environments that really intrigued me.  What did they do?  They played with angles of their structure to give the passer-by glimpses into another space.  These glimpses left you wanting more-like when you’re on vacation and you pass a doorway open to something you never would have guessed existed from the street outside.

filson wood

filson tent 2

filson tent

Filson again was showing some great merchandising trends.  By creating showrooms within a showroom they raised my awareness.  I needed to see what was inside the tent!

nau 3

nau 2

Nau’s booth is an extension of their aesthetic for design.  The A-Frame structure has been carefully crafted with visual views that revolve all the way around.  You want to keep looking because it’s so darn interesting.  For a small footprint they have used space extremely smartly.


toad lighting

Carve light

I can’t stress enough how important lighting is to set a mood.  It’s vital to keeping people comfortable in your store.  We actually named our lighting structure above our booth ‘Fantasia’ because we love it so much.  This other example comes from Carve Designs and I love how soft and bubbly the light was.  It definitely put me in a good mood.


If you weren’t able to go to the show this year, then here are a couple more pictures from our Toad&Co. booth that will hopefully inspire you for next Winter.

life + style 2

life + style fireplace

This was our Life+Style display and we wanted it to feel like a cozy ‘Hygge’ Cabin.  What does ‘Hygge’ mean you ask?  Hygge (“heu-gah”). A Danish word to express the art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive.  Pretty good word.

Searching for props I looked high and low.  High being a random western vintage shop where I found my favorite piece-that rocking chair!  Finding one piece that really anchors your story will help when building your display.  This chair was built by a Vermont family from Norway in the 20’s.  It’s still as strong as the day it was built.  Searching low meant my favorite place on earth-Goodwill.  I found that side table, books and film camera at various Goodwill’s and spent $30.

If you saw great merchandising at the show please send pictures our way to kmorrow@hornytoad.com

Hope these booths inspire you for planning next winter!








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