Nevermind the Weather

The first day of Spring is March 20th but after looking at the national weather report today, all I could see was snow and rain.  Since you ordered Spring/Summer product six months ago without knowing what the weather would be like now, it’s officially time to put some hard work into your displays to attract attention.  By creating vibrant warm displays, your customers will at least get a burst of Spring inspiration that they won’t get by looking out their windows!  Here are some colorful ideas to get you going.

P.S. You may need some paint.

If you ordered a selection of colorful product  this season, pairing it with matching objects of the same color creates a very noticeable display.


These two paint can displays are great attention-getting-conversation-starter-stop-you-in-your-tracks displays.  Which is the goal!


The way the store below re-used their boxes as a center accessory display is awesome!  The next image of the painted triangles would be a great staff project, and placing them against the window hanging above and behind mannequins would look stunning.


Sometimes party decorations are the easiest simplest window display.


The window below is excellent… I’m sure it took a LOT of work and planning.  Sometimes the last thing we have time to do is execute a rotating display, and doing so seems daunting.  My advice is to schedule yourself some inspiration time.  Spend a few hours to go do something that will inspire ideas specifically with the purpose of taking them back to your store.  Using Pinterest, going to some new shops you haven’t had time to check out, going to your local art museum or a craft store are all great ways to get ideas.  Then talk about it with someone to help you execute those ideas and put them on the calendar.  Planning far in advance will keep you from running dry, which as we look at the weather report, won’t be anytime soon. :)

-via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager at Horny Toad Clothing

If you have a great Spring display idea you’d like to share, drop her a line at

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