Mother Earth Can Inspire a Visual Message

Mother Nature is a good muse for visual merchandising is – especially in an outdoor store. Over the past few months we’ve been collecting inspiring images that draw from Mother Nature we thought were worth sharing. Since most of the products sold by specialty outdoor retailers are made thoughtfully with sustainable materials and are meant to be used outdoors, we thought Mother Nature (and Earth Day) is a great theme to build displays and messages around at any time of year.  Many of these ideas use simple, accessible items that will hopefully inspire your consumers to be mindful of their outdoor playgrounds.


Visual Merchandising Inspired by Mother Nature.

Remember, you can use the visuals to help convey and reinforce a message. For instance, take a stand and create messaging around protecting our oceans, rivers or forests. There are plenty of causes to stand behind, and you can thread the appropriate messaging through promotions, products and your visual merchandising. For example, maybe one of your kayak brands would like to promote boats and clean rivers in May.  Build your store visuals around that promotion so that your consumer “gets it” when they‘re there. Visual merchandising allows you to push a message without actually pushing.  The soft sell is effective.

Do you have nature-inspired merchandising you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Earth Day!