Merchandizing Trip

This August at the Lizard Lounge in Portland, Oregon, Horny Toad and Grassroots Outdoor Alliance hosted the three winners of their 2012 Merchandizing Intensive Contest.  Entrants were asked to write an essay describing why they would like to develop their expertise as visual merchandisers.  Though there were many strong submissions, the essays of Josh Legg from Rock/Creek, Sarah Merrell from Diamond Brand Outdoors and Alisa Doris from The Outdoor Source authored the winning essays.

Over the two days that the contest winners spent in Portland, employees of the Lizard Lounge shared their techniques, store standards and overall merchandizing strategies with the contest winners.

They began with a group brain storm session in the Lizard Lounge (below).  


The idea was to make sure Josh, Alisa and Sarah walked away from the experience with the ability to create a theme and tell a story through merchandising.

First they cleared off the men’s center table for the purpose of showcasing Horny Toad’s Mojo Shirt in its five new colorways.


The group came up with the theme “Winter Cabin Retreat.”  They added props from around the store.


The result was something very fresh for the upcoming Fall season.


The following day everybody perused the great shopping in Portland’s Pearl District to take notes on other specialty retailer merchandizing techniques.  Reports have come in that a great time was had by all.

Be sure to look to this blog in the coming months for regular editorial contributions from Josh, Sarah and Alisa as they write about putting their new merchandising knowledge to use.