Merchandising the Perfect Gift

Don’t you love giving and getting accessories?  Usually they’re the things I won’t buy for myself, but love when I get  from someone else.

Accessories are the popular gifts that need merchandising attention during this season. When I was the buyer for Lizard Lounge I appreciated the fact that accessories could be reordered with a quick ship window, had a good margin, took up little floor space and could last through several seasons rather than being discounted at the end of one season.

Here are some images of awesome accessory merchandising:

I love the idea of tacking accessories to a board so you can see what the offerings are!

The white background really makes all the accessories pop!

A black background is very sharp as well — just make sure you use the appropriate lighting.

Lizard Lounge makes good use of everything around them, including step stools, old tool boxes and anything they can stuff a hat or scarf into.

The Lizard Lounge also made use of a long metal table by adding shelves below and creating a “gift zone.”

Another way to feature hats are vintage wooden yarn dowels – they make perfect hat stands.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on hat stands you can always go to a hardware store and buy fence or stairwell posts and paint!

Wood crates in my opinion make merchandising accessories fun and easy.  Paint them seasonally for a quick and easy change, or attach them to a wall as a shelving unit.

– via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager at Horny Toad Clothing

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