Local FryDay

Pack & Paddle – Local Fryday from Jason Cohen on Vimeo.

Louisiana specialty retailer Pack & Paddle wanted to celebrate living local.  Local music, local artists, local food, local beer, local shopping.  Enter their event, Local FryDay.  In the words of Pack & Paddle’s owner John Williams:  “It gave our community a chance to meet a lot of the local vendors whose items we sell in the shop and enjoy hanging out with lots of other locas who love the outdoors.  Our community’s reception of the event went beyond our expectations.  We estimate that about 250 people were out enjoying the afternoon.  This event goes along with all the others we host in terms of making Pack & Paddle a hub of outdoor activity.  Many of our events are educational – so this event gave us a chance to do something less structured and more loose.  We honestly did not know how it would go.  Creating the opportunity for like-minded people to come together is something we will certainly look at doing more of.  Becky and I were actually out of town for our grandson’s second birthday, so it gave our staff the opportunity to spread their wings and handle a major event on their own.  They did a great job and seemed like they enjoyed showing what they could do!”

We hope this great video of the event will inspire you to create something similar!