Labor Day Display of Love

Photos and story by Alisa Doris of The Outdoor Source

Finding a balance between a display that suits our gearheads and a display that suits our lifestyle shoppers is our biggest challenge at The Outdoor Source.  For Labor Day, I incorporated mannequins dressed in new Fall styles along with a small table of camp cook items, which I think does a good job of reaching both audiences.

Ever since the Horny Toad merchandising seminar in Portland, I have tried to bring in more props from outside the shop, and it has really helped!  The tree trunks give it an outdoorsy feel without getting too cluttered.  The vintage cooler and Solo cups make it feel familiar and homey.

Overall the display has been great for drawing in customers who walk past the windows of the store.  I really think it sets a tone for both outdoors and lifestyle, and instantly people land either on the hard goods table or the clothing.  From here it’s easier for sales associates to engage with customers about the products and get them to see everything we are about!

Have a great display to share? Have a display you’d like help with?  Drop us a line at webadmin at hornytoad dot com and we’ll see what we can do. 

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