Keep Winter Warm

The holidays might be over, but there are still a few cold months left that might require a bit of inspiration.  At the Lizard Lounge in Portland, expert merchandiser Kelsie Morrow steers holiday and winter merchandizing away from the traditional snowy, plaid Northwest look that is so popular these days.  Instead she put together travel-inspired outfits with rich texture in creamy, cinnamon, navy and oxblood red colors.  Note: old rope makes a fun alternative to tinsel (something to keep in mind next holiday season).

She covered the floor with old paint canvases to give creamy color and rough texture.  While dressing the mannequins she sourced a “South American country” feel and layered sweaters and scarves with chunky woven patterns.

And wood piles (no matter how you stack them) just look cool, have interesting colors and definitely feel cozy.

What inspires you this winter?  Did you come up with noteworthy alternatives to traditional holiday decorations?  We’d love to know!