It’s Elementary

As I was shopping the other day, I saw Free People’s logo and remembered making something like this in elementary school.  The crafts we did as children are not only easy (I mean, they are for kids), but they are also great resources for your displays all year long.  All it takes is a simple idea with the right materials to make a beautiful display.

free people sign

yarn circles

Embroidery hoops are a great tool for hanging in your window or above a table.  They come in many sizes, and these pictures show just a few ideas of what you can put inside them.  Endless possibilities!

embroidery hoops

whole foods

Whole Foods Display

It doesn’t get much easier than making paper fans.  Using the right paper for your display is the key.  I love this J.Crew window that looks like they used magazine pages while highlighing a seasonal color pop!

jcrew fans

J.Crew Display

paper fans

Remember making ice pop stick cabins?  Maybe you just remember eating the ice pops?  This store made a great display stringing up several painted ice pop sticks.

popcicle cabin


Using the right materials, such as vintage book paper, makes a string of paper airplanes so fun and interesting.  I love how the store below made a travel theme with these simple airplanes.

paper airplanes

paper airplane travel

If you have some kids craft ideas that can turn into a window display please share them with us @


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