Inspired by Nature

The Mountain Store in Crested Butte, Colorado uses nature-inspired displays to keep their merchandizing fresh and region-specfic. These images are from their Fall display, but the message is timeless: Simple cues from nature work beautifully to keep your store looking great.

Aspen trees, which are so common to Crested Butte and which shine so brightly in Colorado autumns, are good inspiration for this tree display of scarves.


Aspen tree racks from another angle. They also serve as a backdrop to a Fall-themed window display.


Outfitting your mannequins in layers gives your merchandise a chance to shine and can reinforce your seasonal theme, like this perfect Fall-inspired ensemble.

A new season is coming! Can you think of relevant adaptations of nature that will elicit the thrill and aliveness specific to Spring and bring out the best in your merchandise?