Inspired by Nature Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted about a photo that motivated me to create a fall window display at the Lizard Lounge.  As promised, here are the results.

As well, I’ve included photos from a fantastic display created by Footloose and Fancy’s lead merchandiser, Haleigh Riggle, that was also inspired by this post.

My inspiration picture:

Lizard Lounge results:

I had a great time hiking through the West Hills in Portland, Oregon finding different kinds of leaves to use for this display.

I looked for different shapes and sizes and leaves that had newly fallen.  I learned that it was best to keep them stored in a plastic bag while still damp before spray painting.  (I let one batch completely dry out after I painted them, and they shriveled up and weren’t any good.)

It’s best to saturate both sides of the leaves with spray paint and let dry overnight.

Next I layered the smallest to the largest leaves in the window and used masking tape to secure them from behind.

And here is Haleigh’s inspiration picture:

The results!

Footloose and Fancy’s Haleigh got the branches from a local tree cutting business.  She said they usually mulch them but let her take however many she wanted!  Free branches = awesome!

The branches were screwed to 2x4s then braced with more 2x4s on the back.  Haleigh got the 2x4s from a second hand construction and houseware supply store.  Over 30 ft. for $7!  “A little rummaging and creativity is always worth the savings cost!” says Haleigh.

The “HOHOHO” in the middle was inspired by this blog.

And of course Ray was a big help in getting this window built!

I love to search for visual display inspiration photos from blogs, Pinterest, Tumblr and the photos I take while out and about.  This is what helps me keep the store fresh.  Where do you find your inspiration?

-Via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager at Horny Toad Clothing

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