Inspired By Nature

Horny Toad Clothing just wrapped up its Fall ’14 sales meeting where many of the elements that brought the seasonal story to life came from nature.  Sometimes creating a display is as easy as going on a hike and collecting leaves – or, as our director of design did, trimming the bows off a pine tree in your yard (thanks Kate!).

Here are some beautiful ideas that capture the season but not the wallet.

This is so simple and so easy. I’m going to steal this idea for the Lizard Lounge and show you the results.

So cool.  This would look great behind some mannequins.

Painting Branches is so easy… and if you can’t find or afford birchwood, you can always use this easy trick:
Buy milk paint and brush it lightly onto any type of wood. From a few feet away it looks just like birchwood.

– via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager at Horny Toad Activewear
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