Hook and Hanger

This time of year seems to use up all available merchandising space with heavy jackets, thick sweaters and extra Fall categories which take up additional room on your sales floor.  Here are some interesting merchandising solutions I found.

A long time ago we did a Horny Toad  trade show booth where we hung chairs on the wall to use as displays for product.  It drew so much attention and comments to our booth and was an easy fixture to hang.

Maybe you have a wall that needs to be updated or space that is underutilized?  Something like this is visually pleasing and could have a short shelf life to get you through the season.

I saw the above display at a tradeshow and was impressed by how easy it is to execute and how good it looks.  All you need are three ladders!

While you’re at it you could hang a ladder over a table for a visual display or find reclaimed wood and make a shelving unit.

If you have exposed beams or sturdy pipes running through your ceiling, put them to use and create a rope rolling rack.


I have found it so handy to have a few long pieces of rope in my merchandising kit for Lizard Lounge and think it’s a great cheap investment for stores.

– Via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandizing Manager for Horny Toad Clothing

Have a brilliant solution for making more merchandizing space during the holiday seasons?  Or maybe you’ve got a merchandizing problem that needs solving? Email Kelsie at kmorrow@hornytoad.com.


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