Great Merchandising at Outdoor Retailer

Via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager at Horny Toad Clothing

If you missed the Outdoor Retail Show this year (or didn’t take any pictures of clever ideas while you were busy buying), here are some highlights from our booth and others.

At Horny Toad this Winter we pushed the envelope with a bigger booth, dedicating a large portion to the resemblance of a sales floor. Our focal wall (below) displays our men’s pant selection, dressed up with outfits to match.  This is a great way to show outfits when you don’t have mannequins.  We used string and nails to hold the items to the wall.



We placed mannequins and props on our tables like you would find in a store display.

Our focus for women’s was all our cozy new sweaters.  I used props that made you feel like you were in a cabin in the woods.


Timberland Booth
These guys did a great exterior display of mannequins and I loved the wood beams stacked for different levels.  This would look great in a window display!


Hawke & Co. Booth
This is a brand I had never heard of before, but boy did their booth make me stop and take notice. They had a wall of props, photos old and new, marketing and merchandised clothing. I loved the way they were able to use old and new pieces together that didn’t compete and created a strong brand story.



Fjallraven Booth
Fjallraven hasn’t changed their booth much in the past few shows, but I still love looking at their pack wall and all the colors.  I also thought that surrounding a TV with mannequins and props is much more compelling to look at than a TV screen on its own.


Sunski Booth
Very clever booth in my opinion. These guys created their walls and seating using a single size of cardboard box repeated and stacked. Shipping this was probably a breeze, and what a great window display this would make.


Stanley Booth
Last clever idea I saw was this lamp at the Stanley booth. I would love to make a whole bunch of vintage thermos lamps after seeing this guy. Bright idea!

If you saw some great merchandising at the Outdoor Retail Show this year, send your pics to us! We would love to share them. Email us at

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