Good merchandising includes a good floor.

flooring using crushed soda cans

Success is in the details.  When merchandising, don’t forget the floor! Clever and creative use of your floor tells a story. It also helps define your space by department.  Consider the actual types of flooring you use, the height of your floors and theme-related props you set on the floor.

Display Window Floors
Most display window floors are raised 8-24” above street level. A raised floor allows you to dramatize an object by forcing the viewer to look up at it. The elevated position adds prestige and also makes it possible for a passerby to see over the heads of window shoppers. Note: If the display window floor is higher than 24” it places the mannequin too far above eye level.

Display/Department Floor
Change floor materials to set the tone and identify a special visual display or department.  Hard woods, ceramics, vinyl tiles and carpeting can create this separation of space.

traditional wood floor in a pattern

Ideas, ideas, ideas

•    After brainstorming current trends, community events, holidays and products for showcasing, pick a theme. Are there any items you can use to enforce your theme? For example, your “back to school” theme might benefit from the use of erasers or books stacked strategically on the floor.


floor spaces uses retro pink erasers

•    Think of a color-combination ideally suited to your theme. For example, a modern theme asks for black, gray or pastel colors in the display theme. A display of kids accessories could use primary colors. A holiday display may have colors of silver and gold.
•    Use appropriate lighting to create mood and enhance the display.
•    It may seem simple, but make sure you clean your floors!

square tile flooring

•    Get creative. There are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes you can find the best ideas in your own basement or at yard sales or thrift stores.

“We have covered floors in the Horny Toad trade show with some pretty unlikely things — rubber erasers, crushed soda cans, shredded paper, garden hose. No yard sale or junk yard is off limits.”  — Randy Meaney, Horny Toad creative genius and over-all miracle worker