Fall-tacular Display

Last week, the Lizard Lounge partnered with Pendleton’s new line, Thomas Kay, to launch a new collection for men. For this event, I made a new entry display featuring their line mixed with Horny Toad’s new Fall collection. I asked Pendleton (based in Portland, OR) for some scraps of fabric from the Thomas Kay line that I could use to make a flag banner for the entry. The results were fantastic and the flags were surprisingly easy to make. (Thanks for helping Mom!)

Here’s a video clip pulling the entry display together and a DIY on making your own flag banner. Enjoy!

My favorite mannequins on the right show the Horny Toad Women’s Mixologist in blue velvet with the Finola Beanie and a vintage piece of burgundy velvet ribbon as a belt.  The man is wearing the Horny Toad Finnegan sweater in black, which is actually cute as an oversized women’s sweater in my opinion.



  • Paper, Scissors
  • Ruler
  •  Marker
  • Fabric
  • X-tra Wide double bias (seam) tape
  • Sewing machine (and  someone who knows how to sew)

COST: $12 for the seam tape

Step 1: Cut out a paper triangle template.
Step 2: Use template to maximize the amount of triangles you can get out of a piece of fabric and trace with marker.

Step 3: After you have cut out enough flags, determine how far apart you want to place them on the seam tape.
Step 4: The seam tape is already folded in half making it easy to use and looks nice on both sides.  Place the flag between the folds and sew down using a zig-zag stich.

-via Kelsie Morrow, Merchandising Manager for Horny Toad Clothing

Love this idea?  Want to share one of your own?  Contact Kelsie at kmorrow@hornytoad.com.

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