Creating True (Brand) Love vs the Email Breakup.

Email is a part of building brand loyalty. Because it builds brand loyalty, email marketing can build an ongoing relationship with your consumers and generate repeat purchases.  There are some simple rules and tips to follow when building an email marketing strategy:

Opt-in. Did your consumer give you permission to send them emails? Make sure they have gone through the opt-in or signup process. Build your email list by offering sign-up opportunities in as many places as you can.  A sign-up box should be available after they place and order on-line and the order success page is a good place to put it. Also, make sure you are asking customers in your store to sign up for emails when making a purchase or at any events that you might host or participate in.

Give people a clear and motivating reason to sign up for your emails. Let your consumers know the benefits of being on your email list.  You can offer an exclusive discount or promo code for signing up.  Also let them know the type of information you will be sharing with them, such as new products, sales, exclusive offers and event information.

Be sure to include your privacy policy pop-up link when asking people to sign up.  This will help build trust with your consumer. Also, let them know upfront that you will not be sharing their name with any other organizations.

Immediately send them a THANK YOU email for signing up.  In this email you should include thank you copy, appreciation for their business and support and then a special offer or discount.

You can also schedule a WELCOME email and send this out a few weeks after the THANK YOU email.  Again provide them with information about your brand or business, ideas they might be interested in and information about your blog or other customer service support.

Don’t send too many emails! Wearing out your welcome is the quickest way to have people unsubscribe to your list.  It is like having a friend stop by unannounced one too many times. If you say in your welcome email that you will be sending weekly messages, make sure to stick to that.

Use a strong subject line. When creating your ongoing email campaigns, be sure to use a strong subject line that will motivate people to open the email.  Also, make sure you have a strong call to action in the email and the consumer easily sees it. Another important tip is to include your store name in the subject line so they immediately recognize whom the email is coming from.

Balance of text and imagery. In designing your email, make sure you have enough visual to hook your consumer and the right text that gets them to act on your offer. If a consumer does not have email set to include images, the only thing they will see is text. Text should be short, compelling and motivate them to open and download the images.  Also, make sure you include alt-text on all images because most people will block images when the email is first opened and will only display the images when they click “Display Images.” It is equally important to use the width and height tags for all tables and images so that when there are no images displayed, your email is still structured properly. This will help the consumer understand what the email is about, even without images, and encourage them to view the full email.

Last but not least… keep your list updated and clean.  Remove bounced names right away; this will help your click through rate.

Remember you are creating a relationship. You want to be thoughtful to your consumer and give them information that they will be excited about (creating brand love). But, you do not want to show up in their ‘in box’ too frequently and have them break up with you (i.e., unsubscribe). Maintaining a relationship is a delicate balance and should be treated with care and respect.