Communicating Product Details with a Personality

As customers wander through your store, it’s not always appropriate to be right in front of them rambling off the details and positive attributes of every product. Shopping is an experience of the senses – sometimes your consumers want the space to enjoy that time. There are some creative ways to approach visual merchandising while also communicating the product name, image and details about it. Consider these ideas as silent sales people:

Explain what the product is all about. Some point-of-purchase displays can use personality to elaborate on a product’s story and details. In this case, scrabble letters are used to name the designer and a simple paper bag gives all the nifty product details.

Chalking it up! Use a chalkboard for messaging and ideas around product usage. The “Hydrate in Style” image gives a cool water bottle more oomph and attention in the retail environment.

Use of uniform messaging. Create your own tabletop messaging to reinforce the unique features and brand story of a product. As well, if you have a newbie sales associate on the sales floor it helps get them up to speed.

Tag it. Make simple uniform tags that communicate one or two unique details about a product. In this case, a tag displaying a bag made locally in New Hampshire or a tag that allows you to check off the appropriate details of color, styling and price. Sometimes the consumer really doesn’t want to ask, and this is an easy way to highlight what’s special about a product.

— Bobbie Parisi, Director of Marketing, Horny Toad and Nau Clothing