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In Their Element

Looking for tips to spruce up your retail space?  We’re really digging these DIY ideas from Fairbanks specialty retailer In My Element! They re-vamped their front counter with foam board and retro fabric. And they sanded, painted, and sanded their wrapping table again for an antique look. They also used mismatched cabinet handles for bit of […]

Bee Kind.

Visual merchandising can be a powerful tool for communicating a message about the products we’re selling and also about our values. This is a good example of a visual campaign Anthropologie created that draws attention to simple steps consumers can take to help the survival of honeybees and sustainable agriculture. The specialty retailer highlighted “Bee […]

Work is Awesome!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your employees say, “Work is awesome!”? Even if they don’t use those exact words, you do want happy employees who enjoy what they do. The “above and beyond” customer service a retail store needs to deliver in order to be successful should begin with happy employees. Retailers that develop […]

Inspiring Outdoor Love in the Next Generation

It can be challenging for retailers to grow their youth business. Shelley O’Neill, manager of Tooth of Time Traders at Philmont Scout Ranch and winner of the 2011 SNEWS “Retailer of the Year”* (ROTY) award for “Growth of Outdoor Sports” and 2012 SNEWS “Retailer of the Year for Youth Involvement” shares a few simple ideas […]

Building a Local Brand for the Long Haul.

It’s for good reason that Massey’s Outfitters in Louisiana has been in business for three generations. As a family-owned outdoor specialty retailer they have learned to reinvent their brand with the changing times. Today Massey’s is thriving with four independent brick and mortar stores and three on-line storefronts. This independently owned retailer has worked hard […]

A Captured Customer. The Dressing Room.

Once a customer makes it to your dressing room they will spend about a third of their in-store time there. A customer who makes it as far as the dressing room is 70% more likely to purchase a product, so it’s wise to focus some attention on this space. In many cases dressing rooms are […]