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Stay Frosty

The Alpine Shop in Burlington, VT is known for being one of the region’s great winter sports outfitters.  We spoke to Julie Duverne Claude, their French window stylist, about several of the displays she’s created in the past year.  This is what she said:   “When I did this window, I was working in hard goods […]

A Smart Venture

Tom Stenzel built Venture Quality Goods with the idea that he could make a positive contribution to the the apparel retail landscape for men over 25, which he considers to be in quite a sad state right now.  Says Stenzel: “There’s a whole bunch of guys out here that may have moved out of their 20s […]

Pack Rat’s Window Displays + Kelsie’s Feedback

A few weeks ago we posted merchandising expert Kelsie Morrow’s presentation on window displays that she gave at the Winter 2013 Outdoor Retailer show.  We invited you to send photos of your own retail displays… and you did!  Here are one store’s displays, along with Kelsie’s comments about what was done well and where there […]

Window Displays According to the Expert

The Lizard Lounge’s merchandising guru, Kelsie Morrow, held a clinic on window displays at the Winter 2013 Outdoor Retailer Market.  It was awesome, and lucky for the people who weren’t able to attend, she shared her presentation with us here for the benefit of all.  Enjoy the slideshow and feel free to send us photos […]

Find the Youth.

We had a post a few months ago about Tooth in Time Traders, a specialty outdoor retailer who caters to the youth market. This article got us thinking about what information is available to outdoor retailers who want to focus on marketing to youth. After all, it’s summer and time for everyone to enjoy the […]

Planning Themes

If you have not already put together an annual calendar that includes events and visual themes to merchandise by, there’s no time like the present! Weekly and monthly brainstorming sessions on your next window or visual merchandising display can be exhausting. A visual merchandising calendar will save you money and time because you will know […]