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I recently road tested the Pareo on my vacation in Mexico and little did I know this was more than a wraparound skirt. I used this all day every day on my trip and have to say it was probably the best item I have ever packed. Since we packed light I wore this on […]

Toad&Co Shop-in-Shop: Backwoods Austin,Texas

We are so excited at Toad&Co with the results of our Shop-in-Shop installation at Backwoods in Austin, Texas.  We worked hard to bring our new Spring collection of Life+Style and Modern Travel clothing to life and we want to share the results.  We hope this inspires your merchandising on the sales floor! We had our […]

Outdoor Retail merchandising trends to take to your sales floor

Another great show in Salt Lake City this year for Outdoor Retail!  As I walked around I saw several merchandising trends pop up. Not only our booth, but several others had great ideas you can take to your sales floor to highlight product and create interesting displays. SHADOW BOXES Several booths were highlighting product using […]

What’s in Season

Fall is my favorite time of year!  Not just because the trees are changing color or that I get to wear my favorite warm layers of clothing, but because of all the fruits and vegetables that are in season again!  Squash, pumpkin, pomegranates, and juicy apples!  Food can actually make a great window display and […]


Well it isn’t such a huge secret if you know me, but I’m obsessed with shopping at Goodwill.  Often I’m asked where I find so many great vintage props.  I stop into Goodwill about once a week and I find treasures just about every time I go. My last trip I lucked out by finding […]

Put Your Windows to Work

Feel like your windows are plain and boring? Have large windows that are hard to fill or windows that don’t get any attention? Maybe you should consider looking into window graphics. They aren’t just for your store name and hours anymore.  The windows you’re about to see show creative ways to reach out to your […]