Best Foot Forward

Resident merchandizing guru Kelsie Morrow teams up once again with rockstar retailer Pack Rat Outdoor Center to bring you their combined merchandizing wisdom.
Pack Rat sent us these photos of their great summer shoe display. Kelsie’s opinions about what’s going well and where there are opportunities for refinement are below:
What they’re doing right
*Great visual of shoes “climbing” the display with the wood and flowers.
*Colorful and eye catching
*Its pyramid shape reminds me of the end-of-aisle display at a grocery store, which is very appealing to customers.  The tried-and-true theory behind this shape is that it makes an island of product, intended to attract shoppers — and it works!
Suggestion for refinement/improvement/opportunity:
*This would make an even better window display than floor display. Reason being, it looks a bit like if you touch something the shoes/branches might fall off in a domino effect, which could deter some people from handling the merchandise.
*Merchandizing socks with the shoe display will help them (the socks) sell faster.

Got a display or window you’d like Kelsie’s feedback on? Send a photo of it to webadmin at hornytoad dot com.