Beer Does Good. Pint Nights in the Name of Charity.

Independent stores thrive when they host community events. When done successfully, these events help businesses financially but they also add excitement to the store’s reputation. Consistent promotions and events in the store calendar are a fun way to keep constant “buzz” around brands. Whether it’s involvement in an athletic race, boating event or a routine trunk show, hosting promotions and events as part of your store’s routine gives your customers a reason to come to the store besides just shopping. Of course, the goal is to get them to shop, but it’s a great way to build the community and loyalty that will make them come back when they need something. A recent example of a simple and successful promotion is the River Sport Pint Night. It’s proof that beer can do great things for a community… seriously.

At River Sports Outfitters we brainstormed ways to bring the community into our store while giving back locally. We wanted to support local businesses, spend and keep our money in the community and support local charities because its what keeps our community thriving,” stated Laura Jones of River Sports Outfitters. River Sports Outfitters created a series of Pint Night gatherings from April to October, inviting the community to enjoy locally brewed beer and support non-profits that protect land, promote recreation and perform community outreach.

The Details.
Consumers pick up a free branded pint glass at River Sports Outfitters filled with local beer, enjoy live music and lend support to one of the chosen local charities. The first beer is free and refills are $5. All the proceeds from beer sales plus 10% of the store’s sales from that night go to the partner charity.







Pint Night Goals:
•    Raise River Sports community involvement.
•    Partner with local charities and find a way to give back to the community.
•    Bring consumers into the store for pure fun to enforce a store culture that is based around enjoying life.
The Results:
There was such an amazing response that Pint Nights quickly grew from four scheduled events to seven! Events brought in a diverse group of consumers and organizations that serve the community from the Amputee Coalition of America to the East Tennessee Climbers Coalition and the Legacy Parks Foundation.

Laura Jones summed up the results: “The first Pint Night we partnered with the Amputee Coalition of America and raised enough money to send a child to a special camp designed for amputees that provides the chance for children to come together, learn from each other, learn from adults who are amputees themselves and develop peer support. We were thrilled with the outcome of the event. The return on investment more than paid for itself with the additional store sales, awareness and added event marketing to a new diverse group of consumers …as an independently-owned store we want to be able to serve our community by bringing people together and supporting local organizations that do good things right here at home.