Bag it.

Accessories help tell a story in merchandising and should not be left out of visual displays. They are also a great add-on sales item for the consumer. (Usually, with a nice margin.)

When you are merchandising bags here are a few simple things to keep in mind:

•    Make sure bags are stuffed. They ALWAYS look better that way!

•    Don’t forget to display bags on a mannequin or with an outfit. It helps to complete the merchandising story.

•    Remember, what you choose to merchandise with also adds to the merchandising story. Double pressed cardboard can be modular. It’s a fresh style whose  aesthetic says ‘sustainability.’ Also, cardboard is inexpensive (you probably have plenty of it around for free), and you can get creative with it.


— Kelsie Morrow, Lizard Lounge Store Manager, Women’s buyer and former Portland Art Institute Professor of Merchandising