A Captured Customer. The Dressing Room.

Once a customer makes it to your dressing room they will spend about a third of their in-store time there. A customer who makes it as far as the dressing room is 70% more likely to purchase a product, so it’s wise to focus some attention on this space. In many cases dressing rooms are an afterthought – but they shouldn’t be! Here are some ideas for improving yours.

Keep your dressing rooms clean

This is easy to overlook, but it’s one of the easiest ways to improve the day-to-day quality of your shoppers’ experience. Make sure the rooms are clean! Have your staff routinely go through the dressing rooms and return left-behind clothes, clean the mirrors and tidy up anything else that becomes dirty or cluttered. A clean dressing room will go a long way towards winning your shoppers over.

Do you have drywall partitioning the rooms? Make sure they are freshly painted and there are no smudges or dirt on the walls. Dirty, chipped walls look run-down and are not very inspiring.

Lighten things up!

Dressing room lighting is paramount, especially when it comes to using the mirrors. Unflattering and can easily turn a prospective customer away when they look in the mirror and get distracted by their perceived blemishes. Try different bulbs and get yourself some good, flattering light. The better the customer looks in the mirror, the better they are going to feel about the things they’re trying on. Ambient lighting is important as well. A dressing room area with a comfortable mood and ambience can improve a customer’s mood and increase the chances for a purchase. Look into sconce lighting as a solution to improve the atmosphere.

Give the customer some space

Can you give your dressing rooms more space? Outdoor Specialty Retailers often get parents who want to bring their kids and strollers in with them. Also, women tend to make clothes shopping a social occasion and bring their friends in for consultation. It’s good if you can accommodate these scenarios.

Make it comfortable.

Make sure the dressing rooms have helpful fixtures and furniture, ie.: hooks, mirrors and seating. It seems obvious but there are many dressing rooms without these simple amenities. Use design and personality that works with the style of your store.

Make your dressing rooms stand out.

Customize your dressing room partition panels. Use colors that reflect your store’s brands and add character. Colorful sights tend to attract customers in their direction.

Figure out what sort of experience you want your store to be.

Think about what you are trying to communicate to your customers when you design your store and dressing room facilities. Do you want people to feel comfortable? Outdoorsy? Wrapped in luxury? Like they’re on a vacation? Configure your decor to encourage and perpetuate this feeling.

Dress up your doors.

Personalizing your dressing rooms will help you stand out as a unique retail space and help your customer to identify the store. One technique is to write the customers’ names on the doors so that the salesperson can call them by their names when offering service. Adding character is important for crafting a retail brand that stands out. Make a good impression on your consumer.

Don’t forget the people who have to wait.

Cater to the waiting shoppers. When a customer is shopping they shouldn’t feel stressed or rushed if there are loved ones waiting for them. Offer a waiting room area with interesting books or magazine and some comfy seating. They are in an outdoor specialty store so give them information about things you sell or events you’re involved in.

Relevant information.

Post dressing room information that informs your consumer about your retail store, events your store is involved in, ways your store gives back to the community or information about a product or brand you carry.

Concentrate on service

Service is at the very center of a specialty retail experience —or it should be.  Make sure your floor staff pays attention to the consumer when they go into the dressing rooms. This greatly increases sales and vastly improves the customer shopping experience. Shoppers will thank you when they don’t have to send their loved ones to and fro for clothes.