A Captive Customer + Customer Service = Sales

The original independent retailers once used fitting areas for checking the “fit” of corsets and handmade clothing.  With the invention of department stores came dressing rooms as a decision zone for customers. Most retailers now see dressing rooms only as a necessary amenity they must provide, yet dressing room statistics might surprise you:
•    Shoppers who use dressing rooms are 70% more likely to buy versus those who just browse the sales floor.
•    Those who use dressing rooms buy approximately two times what the browser buys, and they return less.
•    If the consumer is assisted in the dressing room they will buy nearly two times what the unassisted customer buys.
In summary, a person who uses a dressing room and has a helpful salesperson will buy nearly four times more product than the person who never walks into a dressing room. There are two reasons people use fitting rooms: to steal something or make a buying decision.  In both cases attentive service is important.
What are the most common complaints from shoppers?
•    Nobody will wait on them.
•    Nothing fits.
Hmmm… don’t they go together?
Here are some basic tips on how to use your fitting room to grow sales:
•    Make sure to empty the fitting room after every customer.
•    Make sure every employee knows their goal is to get customers to try on the merchandise.
•    Make sure that when your sales people take customers to the dressing room they unpin or unfold the items.
•    Make sure they check back within two minutes to see if the customer needs anything.
•    Make sure they suggest items to complete the outfit.
Good service converts to repeat customers. When you get an item in someone’s hands or on their body they’re much more likely to bond with it. By no means are these all the tips for making your fitting room pay off, but they’re necessary steps if you want to move conversion rates and margins higher. There is a competitive advantage for retailers who understand the power of the dressing room. What do you do to harness the power of yours? Please feel free to share your thoughts.