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Find the Youth.

We had a post a few months ago about Tooth in Time Traders, a specialty outdoor retailer who caters to the youth market. This article got us thinking about what information is available to outdoor retailers who want to focus on marketing to youth. After all, it’s summer and time for everyone to enjoy the […]

Simply Inspired Sunflowers

Sometimes we really want something simple, easy and visually inspired to support our merchandising stories but find ourselves out of cost-effective ideas. We think this sunflower is fresh-looking – and it’s super easy to make from recycled paper or old posters
. A Quick How-to: Cut your old paper/posters into A3 size. Roll each piece to […]

Planning Themes

If you have not already put together an annual calendar that includes events and visual themes to merchandise by, there’s no time like the present! Weekly and monthly brainstorming sessions on your next window or visual merchandising display can be exhausting. A visual merchandising calendar will save you money and time because you will know […]