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Good Planning = A Good Display

A successful display is the result of good planning, organization and cooperation. The visual merchandiser must know in advance when and where a particular display should be created and what needs to be shown and promoted. For this, some sort of schedule or plan must be in place. (Although, keep in mind that every plan […]

Books Are More Than Words

Everyday items like books and magazines can be found anywhere – and they’re guaranteed to be familiar to your consumer. Older books can be found for cheap if you take the time to hit a couple yard sales on the weekends. Using familiar objects in new and unexpected ways causes the consumer to take a […]

Bee Kind.

Visual merchandising can be a powerful tool for communicating a message about the products we’re selling and also about our values. This is a good example of a visual campaign Anthropologie created that draws attention to simple steps consumers can take to help the survival of honeybees and sustainable agriculture. The specialty retailer highlighted “Bee […]

In Honor of Mom

The projected total spending for this year’s Mother’s Day is expected to reach $14.6 billion!* (Holy cow!) The amount people are spending this year is on the rise, with an average purchase at $126.90, compared to last year’s $123.89. Mother’s Day is an occasion where specialty retailers can take the opportunity to promote something special. […]