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The Writing Is On The Wall

Visual merchandising is the art of presenting product in a retail setting with the purpose of increasing store traffic and sales. Communicating what is unique and different about the product and telling a story about it will increase your sales.  A super simple way to tell a story or give your consumer a specific message […]

Mother Earth Can Inspire a Visual Message

Mother Nature is a good muse for visual merchandising is – especially in an outdoor store. Over the past few months we’ve been collecting inspiring images that draw from Mother Nature we thought were worth sharing. Since most of the products sold by specialty outdoor retailers are made thoughtfully with sustainable materials and are meant […]

Work is Awesome!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your employees say, “Work is awesome!”? Even if they don’t use those exact words, you do want happy employees who enjoy what they do. The “above and beyond” customer service a retail store needs to deliver in order to be successful should begin with happy employees. Retailers that develop […]

Working Weekends for the Fun of It

O.K. maybe we’re not working every weekend for the fun of it, but there’s no doubt that retail and weekends go hand in hand. For many store owners and retail associates a work schedule that falls on the weekends is the norm. Besides the obvious – that you are working in a store that sells […]