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Inspiring Outdoor Love in the Next Generation

It can be challenging for retailers to grow their youth business. Shelley O’Neill, manager of Tooth of Time Traders at Philmont Scout Ranch and winner of the 2011 SNEWS “Retailer of the Year”* (ROTY) award for “Growth of Outdoor Sports” and 2012 SNEWS “Retailer of the Year for Youth Involvement” shares a few simple ideas […]

A Few Dos & Don’ts When Pitching The Media

  Want some publicity for your store or product? Publicists are often worth the investment – although nothing is ever guaranteed, even when working with the best publicists in the game. Many store owners are reaching out on their own to gain media attention. Here are a few simple dos and some don’ts that can help […]

Media Myth Busters

We want to set the record straight on the realities of media and public relations. #1 If you call the media with a story they are going to send you right to the ad department. One of the biggest fears that small business owners tend to have about approaching the media is that they don’t […]

Does Publicity Matter? … And Why You Need It

Retail stores often overlook publicity, though such an oversight might mean missing out on a lot of reward. A simple public relations plan can add leverage and inflate the impact of your marketing mix no matter how small you think your budget is. There are so many misconceptions about public relations and it can be […]